French to English translation services

If you are interested in having your website, newsletter, annual report or press release translated into English, here's how it works.

Contact me using the tab above, providing any relevant information about your project including the type and length of the document, the format, the subject matter, who it is aimed at, and your preferred timescale.

I will get in touch as soon as possible (usually within the hour) to request any additional information and a copy of the document if possible. I will provide you with a tailor-made quote by email within 24 hours.

If you accept the quote, you will be asked to acknowlege my terms and conditions (as suggested by the Société Française des Traducteurs and available here).

I will begin translation, using any reference material, guidelines, style guides, glossaries or background information provided by you as appropriate.

To maintain consistency across projects and to ensure the highest quality end product, I use SDL Trados Studio 2011 translation memory software. This ensure terminology is consistent throughout the project and across other projects. For example, if your style guide recommends using the word 'colleague' and never 'employee', the translation memory software will remember this and remind me to make the appropriate word choice. (Please note, this is NOT 'machine' or 'automatic' translation but is simply an IT tool based entirely upon my own translations and your recommendations.)

When I am satisfied with the translation, it is passed on to an English speaking editor who proofreads the text without reference to the original French text to check for fluency and coherence. Corrections are made as appropriate before submitting the translation to you. This quality control stage is included in the price of the translation.

When you have had read the text, you may want to make small changes such as inserting a new paragraph or changing the use of a particular term, which I can usually make very quickly and without any additional charge.

When you are happy with the end product, I will send you my invoice in euros, with VAT where required.

I accept payment by bank transfer to my French account, Paypal or cheque in euros.