French to English translation services

Given my extensive background and training in international relations and development, this is one of my key areas of specialisation.

I have a comprehensive understanding of the international and European institutions and legislative structures and the specialised vocabulary and house styles of the relevant organisations.

During my time at the ILO, I published a number of articles in English on international migration. Some of these can be consulted on-line:

One of my main research activities during this period was an analysis of the ILO's instruments to protect migrant workers from discrimination. As such, I was the English language researcher on a trilingual team of researchers who drafted a comprehensive report for the International Labour Committee on the effectiveness of existing measures. The final report can be consulted here.

I translate a wide variety of documents in the field of international development for a range of clients. These include NGOs, international organisations, international funding bodies, Government departments and translation agencies with clients in these fields.

My end clients have included the UNHCR (extensive collection of documents intended to inform displaced persons of their rights), French government departments (regular reports on a wide range of migration-related issues), the Tides Foundation (regular translations of funding applications and decisions on AIDS and HIV-related projects in French-speaking Africa) and many more.

The documents I translate in this area range from funding applications, formal reports from Governments and NGOs to international organisations, awareness raising material, reviews of vaccine programmes, press releases and media articles.

I keep abreast of this ever evolving field by reading extensively in French and English specialist media on relevant issues and attending events and participating in discussions on related topics.